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Understanding Institutional Drug Testing

These days drug addiction is relevant in any institution and therefore as an entrepreneur you will need to be cautious of drug addiction in the institution you run. A drug-free workplace and facility will enhance the positive attributes of colleagues such as integrity, professionalism, work culture and employee productivity. Drug addiction is also known to cause work-related injuries, crimes, and accidents. You will, therefore, need to do drug tests to your employees to reduce incidents of drug abuse.

Drug testing is therefore used to detect the presence of illicit drugs in the body. It uses an analysis of biological specimens such as urine, hair, saliva, sweat, and blood and thus you use drug testing kits to confirm the presence of drugs in the individual's body.

Among the various ways, you can use drug tests in your institution is by pre-employment drug tests. This is very common in the manufacturing industry where the organizations do drug tests on the new employees that they intend to hire after they have passed their interview. This type of drug testing will help you hire only productive and useful employees that will guarantee you hire rewards for the work that they do. Further, for the existing employees, you can also conduct a return to work drug test. This help gives an employee a second chance since it monitors if the employee is clean after coming from a rehabilitation break.

You can also choose to conduct random drug tests throughout the institution as well as conduct drug tests on suspicion of drug abuse. These drug tests offer a more success rate since it provides the employees no prior information about the intended drug test.

It is essential to prevent drug abuse within institutions, and thus Rapid Detect INC drug tests are very crucial. This will help employees steer away from drug abuse before they can completely ruin their lives. The typical drug test kits in the market will be able to detect harmful substances such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, phencyclidine, and amphetamine. These drug testing kits are known to be easy to use since one can quickly follow the procedures and instructions outlined in the pack to be able to do the test. The next question you ask yourself is where you can get the drug testing kits. Make sure you check out Rapid Detect NIC website. RDI commonly known as Rapid Detect INC is a leading source of rapid drug test list for your institution.

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